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How to make yoghurt

The easiest way of getting yoghurt is just going to the supermarket and buy it there, no matter how dumb this would sound. But it is also fun to eat your very own home-made yoghurt, so here I'll explain to you the easiest way of making it (notice there are other recipes to make it, but this is the cheapest and the less painful one, and you will have to go to the supermarket anyway).

  1. Go to the supermarket and buy one liter of milk (we take for granted that the milk has been pasteurised) and a pack of plain yoghurt.
  2. Once at home, mix in a jar the milk with a couple of portions of yoghurt (if it is a pack of four you can just save the other two to eat them in case the experiment turns out to be a total failure).
  3. Pour the mixture in several low cristal glasses and...
  4. If you have an electric yoghurt maker that would be the ideal place to put them for 12 hours. But if you have not (they are really cheap, though), you can always put them in the oven at low fire (not over 50ºC) for a night (12 hours).
  5. And that should be enough to get your flamboyant home-made yoghurts :)