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Name E-mail Website Country Favourite flavour / Sabor favorito
Varjotar www Finland
Factory girl e-mail www Italy
Amanda e-mail www Australia Mango
Anita www Poland Apple with cinnamon
Sanne e-mail www Netherlands Fruit yoghurt
Sally e-mail www United States of America Too many to choose from!
Maite www Chile Piña
Piikki e-mail www Finland banana-strawberry, peach-passionfruit
Giù e-mail www Italy White
Coco www Japan Plain
Natalie www United States of America Strawberry-banana
Marina e-mail www Russia Low fat
Roosmarie e-mail www Netherlands Just yoghurt
VanessaNDF www United States of America All flavors except for plain
Dakota www Finland Fruit Bomb
Gaby www Venezuela Sabor a fresa
Citrus e-mail www Malasia
Camilla www Denmark Orange
darkeyes e-mail www Italy Cherry
Jessica e-mail www Germany
neji.zala www Philippines
Morfina e-mail www Italy Cherry
Trippy www Belgium Yogur de fruta (con trocitos)
Aurelie e-mail www France Raspberry
Maria www Croatia Strawberry
Hammaspeikko7 e-mail www Finland
Valerie e-mail www United States of America
Nikki www Canada Strawberry
Olivia e-mail www France Strawberry
Jasmine Rose e-mail www United States of America Vanilla Custard
Ranko Zelgabunny www Mexico Durazno
Mariel e-mail www Mexico Yoghurt de fresa con nuez (Congelado)
Marie e-mail www Canada Raspberry
Johanna www Finland Strawberry
Tigerchen www Germany Strawberry :o)
Vince www China Aloe Peach Pineapple
Kari e-mail www Norway Strawberry
Joy e-mail www Netherlands Uh... regular?
mizu e-mail www Italy white, raspberry
Luisa e-mail www Switzerland
Sophie Monster www Mexico Natural con pedazos de banana :)
Alex e-mail www Germany
Josie www United States of America
Lore www Dominican Republic Strawberry
jojo e-mail www Philippines strawberry yogurt drink
Deanna Marie www United States of America Strawberry
Jules www Germany Cherry
Koh www United States of America All kinds
Nymphchen www Germany
Lin www Germany Peach


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