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Name E-mail Website Country Favourite flavour / Sabor favorito
Sora e-mail www Japan Banana
Talita Nunes e-mail www Brazil
Catzie e-mail www Philippines Low-fat yoghurts with fruit flavor
Hazuki www Germany Cherry and Strawberry Yoghurt
Emmi e-mail www Finland Strawberry yoghurt
Danielle www United States of America Soy yogurt
Tânia www Portugal Straciatella
Kerri www Singapore Mango
Dulce www Mexico
maddie e-mail www Japan Aloe
Carmen Velásquez www Mexico Natural
Matoda www Canada Strawberry
Carol Barcelos e-mail www Brazil Banana e mamão
Sara e-mail www Portugal Strawberry
missy e-mail www United States of America strawberry
Zala www Slovenia Plain
Lorraine www Ireland Blueberry
Megan e-mail www United States of America
Krissy e-mail www Canada Peach
Jessi www Germany Natural
Jen www United States of America Yoplait Custard Style
Sylvia e-mail www United States of America Whips chocolate cherry
Andrea www Canada Peach, strawberry, and blueberry
Amy e-mail www United States of America Vanilla
Kelly e-mail www United Kingdom Vanilla or Strawberry flavour
Fernanda www Mexico with fruit
Pippi e-mail www Italy White
Jules www Germany Blueberry
Gabriella e-mail www Brazil
Maija www Finland With no flavours
Chloegc www France
Jing Yi www Singapore Plain Sugarless
LC www United Kingdom fruits
Lisa www United States of America
Lily Grace www United States of America vanilla
Niana e-mail www France
Laura e-mail www Finland Berry yoghourts
Kanza e-mail www Pakistan All kinds are my favs
Noriko e-mail www Japan Aloe
Genrou e-mail www Spain ¡Todos! *_*
Sarah www United States of America Creamsavers: Strawberry
Misteren www Finland Strawberry
Kula e-mail www Chile normal
Adrian www Norway Strawberry or banana
Sebastian www Norway Strawberry, vanilla, peach
Nicole e-mail www United States of America YoCrunch yogurts
Daphned e-mail www Italy
Rain e-mail www Germany Plain
Sickamour www France Nature with sweet chestnut cream
Leonor www Portugal Natural


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