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Name E-mail Website Country Favourite flavour / Sabor favorito
Francesca www Italy simple white yoghurt, but also fruit-flavored ones
steffi e-mail www Germany fruity
Natasha www Poland Strawberry
Julie www United States of America Orange Creme
Amy e-mail www United States of America All
jingjing e-mail www Singapore mixed berries! =)
ThaLy e-mail www Spain El azucarado y de limón
Saku www Spain El yogur helado *_*
Megs www Canada Strawberry
Telffi www Poland all
Lee www United States of America Yoplait Vanilla
sara www Portugal combi
Romain www France Nature
Johanna e-mail www Finland Banana
Nina www Poland Cherry
Margarida www Portugal All kind except natural ones (without taste)
Foxie www Finland Strawberry
Charmaine www Singapore Strawberry
Martyna www Poland coconut by Onken
Sarah e-mail www Singapore Fruit basket <3<3
Annika www Finland fruity mix
Naomi www Germany normal
Mikomi www Germany cherry flavor ^^
Anne www Australia Strawberry
stella www Australia French vanilla
asia www Poland natural
Sammy e-mail www Australia Black cherry
Liaaa e-mail www Poland pear youghurt....mmmm....
Christine www Australia Vanilla
Kaolith www Venezuela El de fresa *-*
Maya www United States of America French vanilla, pina colada, key lime pie, raspberry, strawberry
Acacia www United States of America Cherry
Noortje www Netherlands Peach and Apple/Pear
Tiffany e-mail www United States of America Strawberry Custard Style
Karols www Poland straciatella, wild strawberry, strawberry
Gosia www Poland Strawberry, natural
Meetu www Finland cloudberry, blueberry, fruitmix
judy e-mail www United Kingdom any kind :D
Monika www Poland natural
Nebosky www Peru Vainilla
Carrie e-mail www Germany strawberry, vanilla
Cathryn www United Kingdom Natural
sandra e-mail www Canada vanalla
Jess www Australia Plain
Katharina www Germany Cherry yoghurt
Hughhh www Czech Republic all
Emmi www Finland Vanilla yoghurt
Natalie www United Kingdom Plain
Aurus e-mail www Philippines mango-flavored yogurt
Jenny www Germany -


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