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Name E-mail Website Country Favourite flavour / Sabor favorito
Daniella e-mail www Venezuela Strawberry & Vainilla
Jessica e-mail www United States of America Strawberry and Banana
LacrimaDiAssenzio www Italy Yogurt Bianco
Jill e-mail www Philippines blueberry
propagandaa e-mail www Canada passionfruit
Marri e-mail www Norway
Auna www United States of America Vanilla
Sara e-mail www Israel
Leah www United States of America
Lauris e-mail www Finland
Lothlorien www United States of America Syri.is
kat www Australia strawberry
Cioppys e-mail www Italy natural or vanilla with muesli or cereals
Susana www Portugal Vanilla
Eli e-mail www Norway
crystal e-mail www China vanilla*
DeMonique www Poland Natural
Sara www United States of America Yoplait light
Bec www Australia
ebby www Germany banana
Bettina www Norway mango/prune/cherry/vanilla
Edyta www Poland natural
Sina Koch www Germany cherry, lemon, blueberry
rossella www Germany all kinds of Fruit yohurt
venusa e-mail www France all
Lisa e-mail www Germany strawberry
clara e-mail www Singapore peach
Cecilia e-mail www Sweden Turkish
Rodrigo www Argentina Frutilla
Missa e-mail www Canada VANILLA!
Banan www Finland Banana
Chris Crowther e-mail www United Kingdom Black Cherry
Adka www Poland :)
Calítoe.:. e-mail www Spain Líquido desnatado :)
a. pelfort www United States of America
Luna www Czech Republic chocolate
Lychee www Germany blueberry
NgocThao www Vietnam yoghurt product of nestle company
Gabriella e-mail www Sweden Vanilla/Pineapple Dröm Yoggi or Greek yoghurt with honey
skoczunia www Poland
M El faituri e-mail www Libia Plain
Kat e-mail www Germany Coffee Yoghurt
Anna www New Zealand Apricot or Banana (not dairyfood)
Kiwi e-mail www Canada Island vanilla / peach/kiwi /banana
Anne2 www Canada Activia
xue|ping www Singapore strawberry!
dida www Poland all
jo www United Kingdom natural/vanilla/strawberry
mink nopparat www Thailand plain
Agustina e-mail www Argentina Frutilla - Ciruela


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