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Name E-mail Website Country Favourite flavour / Sabor favorito
Sunniva e-mail www Norway Strawberry
Sofia Chandi e-mail www Ecuador con fruta
Giulia www Italy fruit
Ali www United States of America Peach
hilppa www Finland banana
Satu e-mail www Finland peach
Celine www France Any :)
Kaddi e-mail www Germany Cherry
karoleena www Poland ALL ;)
nina www Brazil morango
Cloette www France
Crysiaczek www Poland Jogobella
MaH www Brazil Vanilla and fruit salad
Paulina www United States of America Peaches and Cream
Allie e-mail www United States of America Drinkable yoghurt!
tammy www United Kingdom strawberry
Sara www Portugal combi
A-gacia www Poland All XD
hercia www Poland kazdy lubie :D
Cin www Germany
Nancy e-mail www Canada Strawberry
Lenyta www Portugal
Ashley www United States of America
Yu www Japan with apple is the best
Ace Rimmer www France
Arielle Rose www United States of America peach
CarlitaX www Chile frambuesa, piña y vainilla...
Reina www United States of America Strawberry
Anni www Germany apricose,pfirsich
Sureiko www Finland Cranberry!
Loki www Australia Strawberry
Annie www Canada raspberry fruit bottom
Rose e-mail www Kenya Vanila
Char e-mail www United Kingdom
Delise www United States of America strawberry
Legally Brunette www Poland natural
Kasia www Poland
Yohana e-mail www Peru Todos, en especial el natural sin azucar
Sara www United Kingdom Strawberry Yogurt
Sinki www Germany strawberry-yoghurt
Sofie e-mail www Denmark Peach Melba
Emma e-mail www United Kingdom Too many to choose <3
Sara www Canada Strawberry
lewsi e-mail www United Kingdom possum
Wes e-mail www Australia All!
Melissa e-mail www United States of America Fruit at the bottom Blueberry
kagami www Singapore Aloe Vera
Frost e-mail www Canada Peach
cyberhell www Australia Black Cherry


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