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Name E-mail Website Country Favourite flavour / Sabor favorito
noririn www Australia banana strawberry
Raphaél e-mail www Italy White or strawberry yogurt.
sadiq www Nigeria
Remi Adio www Nigeria Fat free
masami e-mail www Japan plain
Katja www Austria All
Ewa www Poland Strawberry
Jarek www Poland Peach of course
Lena www Germany all
Viviana www Chile Con trozos de Fruta ^0^
Tam e-mail www Philippines Mango
Asih www Indonesia coklate
P. e-mail www Austria with all kinds of berries ^^
Tiara www Indonesia strawberry
Jen e-mail www United States of America Blended Peach
Sallytbyml e-mail www United Kingdom Muller Light - Strawberry
spoz e-mail www United Kingdom Peach
Johanna e-mail www Germany erbeer, banane, pfirsich, ..
Jenna e-mail www United States of America Vanilla
Katie www Germany
AC e-mail www Malaysia Apricot, black cherry, mango, mixed fruits, vanilla........I just love yoghurt!
Anschel e-mail www Australia Strawberry/ Strawberrito/ Stroberi
Fureiya www Germany sheer
Anna Lena e-mail www Germany
Lars www United States of America raspberry
Purple www Singapore Aloe Vera
Ivy www Austria Coffee Joghurt
Janet www United States of America Strawberry
Annie e-mail www Canada strawberry
Jennis Jugson www Hungary cherry
Allison e-mail www United States of America strawberry
Alyssa www United States of America strawberry
Putri www Iran plain
soryu www Poland cherry or vanilla
Rossana www Italy light
Kelly www United Kingdom Strawberry Muller Light
Rubén www Spain
Lou www Czech Republic Pribiňák
Yvonne www Switzerland Caramel
azzumail e-mail www Italy
Basuki Sigit www Indonesia vanilla
Lore www Dominican Republic Strawberry
Kiruna e-mail www Italy Plain white yogurt
Tiffany Hultz www United States of America Strawberries and cream
martha www Mexico TODOS los sabores
Amy e-mail www Canada Coffee
Nadia e-mail www France nature
adulqa www Poland danon
Ale e-mail www Italy stracciatella
Sabina e-mail www New Zealand vanilla and hazelnut


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