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Name E-mail Website Country Favourite flavour / Sabor favorito
Onishin e-mail www Italy banana yogurt ^_^
Natsu e-mail www United States of America peach
luaaa www Brazil
Steffi www China Strawberry
Airsea www Italy
Hilde www Netherlands plain yoghurt
An e-mail www Spain fresa
Elle Freya www Guatemala strawberry
Sil www Poland strawberry yoghurt ^_^
Nea e-mail www Finland Strawberry
Cecilie www Norway Fatfree
Tschännie www Germany Barry
Keesdenijs www Netherlands biogurt
Anna e-mail www Germany vanilla , raspberry
Mervi e-mail www Finland
Amanda e-mail www Canada All
Mami e-mail www Japan with Banana
Agacia ;) e-mail www Poland All ;)
Anne-Sophie e-mail www France Natural/Apple/Lemon
Zoë www United Kingdom Strawberry
dandyna e-mail www Italy whole milk
erii www Spain
Sarah e-mail www Germany
Jenn e-mail www United States of America Black Cherry
Dore www Poland Cherry
Judith e-mail www Mexico Probiotico - fresa con cereales
Patricia www Austria peach/maracuja
Jasmin www Germany Vanilla & Fruity
hania www Poland cherry, strawberry, pineapple... mmm getting hungry:)
Elfheart www United States of America Vanilla
Krissy e-mail www Canada Vanilla
Isnani www Singapore Raspberry & Banana
Casper Ernst e-mail www Denmark peach melba =)
Becky www United Kingdom Banana
honey www Poland all
moni www Germany cherry
Irie e-mail www Japan fruit
Umur Celikyay e-mail www Turkey Plain or "Süzme" (Turkish for "Filtered")
Reira www Italy strawberry
Gensou www Hungary pineapple
Alexis e-mail www Australia Vanilla
ibrahim tutuncuoglu www Turkey fruit&honey mixed
Tanti www United States of America Strawberry Banana
Rachel e-mail www Canada Coffee, Vanilla
Marion www France yoghurt nature or with some fruits
Shannon e-mail www United States of America Yoplait
Justine www Philippines strawberry w/ fruity bits
Eylul www Turkey With Sugar
Bibi www France
Catherine www United States of America Vanilla Non-fat


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