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Name E-mail Website Country Favourite flavour / Sabor favorito
Abby www Philippines strawberry
Acacia www United States of America Cherry
Adeline www Singapore Yoghurt with Nata De Coco
Aeryvae e-mail www Canada Strawberry
Agata www Poland Vanilla
Aiika e-mail www Switzerland Fraise
Ai Sakuragi www Canada Strawberry & banana
Aleida www Netherlands Boeren yoghurt
Alex www United States of America Strawberry
Alexis www Canada Peach, Mango, Strawberry
Ally www United States of America Strawberry
Amy e-mail www United States of America All
Ange. www Canada French Vanilla or Cappucino
Anki www Germany Natural or vanilla :)
Anne www Australia Strawberry
Anne www Mexico Fresa y manzana
Annika www Finland fruity mix
Ann M www Philippines Strawberry and Melon
Ashie www United States of America banana
Asia www Poland Strawberry
asia www Poland natural
Auna www United States of America Vanilla
Aurus e-mail www Philippines mango-flavored yogurt
Avalon www United States of America Cream Savers
Aveline Angel www Chile *0* ¡Damasco!
Beatrice www Spain With sugar and all kind of fruits
Becky www United Kingdom banana
Birgit www Norway Cherry and vanilla
Bloody Mary www Poland Peach
bobina e-mail www United Kingdom cheese
Bonnie e-mail www United Kingdom Cherry
Brenda www Puerto Rico Light
Carlen www Canada Strawberry
carlosenrique www Peru natural
Carmen e-mail www Australia mango
Carrie e-mail www Germany strawberry, vanilla
Cassie www United Kingdom Strawberry
Cathrine www Norway Vanilla
Cathryn www United Kingdom Natural
Celi e-mail www United States of America Strawberry
Charmaine www Singapore Strawberry
Chell www United Kingdom Stawberry and Vanilla
Child of the Flame www United States of America Lemon...on the bottom
Chloé www France Vanilla yoghurt
Christina www Canada Strawberry.
Christine www Australia Vanilla
Cioppys e-mail www Italy natural or vanilla with muesli or cereals
Clém e-mail www France Vanille
crystal e-mail www China vanilla*
Curly www Germany Strawberry, cherry


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