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Name E-mail Website Country Favourite flavour / Sabor favorito
Agata www Poland Vanilla
Ai Sakuragi www Canada Strawberry & banana
Alexis www Canada Peach, Mango, Strawberry
Anki www Germany Natural or vanilla :)
Anne www Mexico Fresa y manzana
Ann M www Philippines Strawberry and Melon
Asia www Poland Strawberry
Avalon www United States of America Cream Savers
Aveline Angel www Chile *0* ¡Damasco!
Brenda www Puerto Rico Light
Carlen www Canada Strawberry
Cassie www United Kingdom Strawberry
Cathrine www Norway Vanilla
Child of the Flame www United States of America Lemon...on the bottom
Chloé www France Vanilla yoghurt
Curly www Germany Strawberry, cherry
CuteBunny www Poland Cherry flavoured
Daisy www Belgium All kinds
Darlkin www Poland All
Deborah www Brazil All
Dee Dee www United States of America Cherry with the cherry on the bottom (yum) lol
dlsooklb www Spain El helado de yogur ÑAM y amarenaaa blup :)
Elwing www Finland Fruity mix
ElyoNkaa www Poland The vanille one ;)
Emjy www France Chocolate yoghurt!
Emma-chan e-mail www United States of America
Florianne www Switzerland Noix
Glelandra www Finland Strawberry
Gossia www Poland Strawberry
Gricel www United States of America Yoplait Cherry Orchard
Hazel e-mail www United Kingdom Black cherry, raspberry, strawberry
Janis www Singapore Strawberry jelly yoghurt
Javi www Spain Yogur natural con fresa natural picada por mí y miel
Julia www United States of America Yoplait Whips! It's the only dairy product i like
Jánder www Spain Yogur de avellana de DIA
Karmen P www United States
Kgb www Antigua and Barbuda Orange
Lan www Poland Vanilla
Leda www United States of America All kinds
Lee www United Kingdom Toffee mullerlight
Lennys e-mail www
Lindsay www United States of America French Vanilla...Um..I forget the brand.
Lindsey www United States of America Strawberry Orange Sunrise by Yoplait
Lotte www Netherlands Vanilla yoghurt
Magdalena www Poland frozen natural with preserves and almonds (my own recipe :)
Mango www United Kingdom
Margot www Poland Luv all ^^
Marie www Canada Vanilla
Marta www Poland Vanilla
Megan www United States of America


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